Healthcare Projects by Krier & Blain, Inc.

Avera on Louise, Sioux Falls, SD

Krier & Blain took on a role as a “design assist” team member along with performing all of the plumbing & hydronic work on this project. Avera has undertaken exceedingly large projects in recent years and often partners with Krier & Blain to make these projects a reality. The Avera on Louise project was expansive both in footprint and scope of work. This project utilized multiple boilers, air handlers, pumps, chillers, and required numerous different piping systems.

Avera Medical Group Family Health Clinic ED Department, Sioux Falls, SD

Krier & Blain and Avera have partnered on a number of projects in the area and the Avera West on Marion Road is no exception. Krier & Blain took on the role of design assist for this project, and completed the plumbing & hydronic work in a timely manner.

Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital, Sioux Falls, SD

Both the Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital (SFSH) and Krier & Blain, Inc. have benefitted from a long history of projects together. Most recently SFSH has been completely remodeled.