Industrial Projects by Krier & Blain, Inc.

Gage Brothers, Sioux Falls, SD

The new Gage Brothers Plant in Sioux Falls was a major project spanning 229,000 square feet of interior fabrication space. The major challenges for this project, aside from the overall size, was running industrial high pressure large diameter natural gas lines to feed all of the heaters in the plant. Coupled with tight deadlines Krier & Blain was able to overcome onsite challenges and provide the owner with an exceptional finished product.

CCL Label, Sioux Falls, SD

Krier & Blain has built many long lasting relationships with industrial partners in the area and CCL Label is no exception. Krier & Blain and CCL Label have been working together to improve their facilities and process lines since 2007.

Smithfield Foods, Sioux Falls, SD

Smithfield Foods has utilized Krier & Blain Inc.’s expertise in the plumbing field for many large profile projects. In 2018 Smithfield Foods began a project to replace their decades old hog barn. The new barn facility spans 60,000 square feet and has the capacity to hold nearly 10,000 hogs. This project required over 17,000 feet of piping in order to serve waterers and misters to closely control the indoor environment.